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Our Clients

Our clients are higher-net-worth individuals, families and business owners who value trust, experience, and their time. They are seeking a trusted advisor to help them design and execute a strategic wealth plan from beginning to end. They look to us as their family’s personal CFO who helps them navigate the complexities of today’s economy, tax landscape, and capital markets. They rely on us to make sure their financial house — their strong tower — is in proper order.

Prior to their association with Strong Tower Wealth Management, many of our clients became weary of making financial decisions in a fragmented or disorganized manner. They wanted to eliminate the inefficiencies and conflicts of interest brought about by working with multiple advisors or firms, each with their own agendas.

With us, they have found a trusted advisor who understands their core values and will act in their best interest without fail. We work with them to design a centralized, executable strategy for the integration of cash flow, portfolio management, tax planning, liability structuring, risk management and estate planning.

We start by building an intentional relationship with each one of them. We then apply a logical sequence, based on ongoing analysis, towards helping them develop a personalized wealth plan. Through that plan, we put them on the pathway to financial freedom and help them design a personal legacy for the future.