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Our Approach

At Strong Tower, our approach begins with a fiduciary standard — which requires us to keep the best interest of our clients at the forefront of every decision we make. We serve you with a determination to make your experience as our client the best you’ve ever had. We want to be your advisor for life.

We begin by developing a lasting and purpose-driven relationship with you. We help you define and prioritize your values and intentions. Based on what we learn from you, we research and analyze a range of options to develop strategies that align with your personality and purpose. We then assemble the data into a format that brings you education, understanding and clarity. We combine your input and our analysis to create a blueprint of strategies that form the basis of a coordinated and complete wealth plan. Once the plan is in place, we help you measure your progress through a transparent and detailed monitoring and review process.

Our independent and “open source” architecture allows us to employ resources, research, technology and planning solutions, without regard to any corporate influences or proprietary products. Although our goal is to use state-of-the-art technology in our financial analysis and design, we prefer to communicate with our clients face to face. We seek to eliminate barriers between ourselves and the families we work with. When they call our office, they hear a voice, not someone's voicemail.

We believe that every financial issue should be addressed within the context of an all-inclusive wealth plan. That plan becomes like a strong tower, built on a sure foundation and fortified against whatever weather may arise. It helps safeguard, support, and uphold your financial resources, putting you on the pathway toward financial stability and independence — a place where you can craft your own personal legacy for future generations.

Investment Advisory Services offered through Strong Tower Advisory Services, an SEC registered investment advisor. Securities offered through DFPG Investments, LLC. Member FINRA/SIPC. All named entities are unaffiliated.