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  • Done or performed with purpose and intent
  • By conscious design
  • Deliberate, conscious, purposeful, predetermined and volitional

Building the foundation of a strong tower begins with being intentional. It means surveying the land, excavating down to the bedrock, and pouring a concrete substructure that will support the tower through weather and time. At Strong Tower Wealth Management, we believe the same kind of intentional foundation supports a successful wealth plan. That foundation comes from a long-lasting and meaningful client/advisor relationship.

Our clients sense our commitment to them from the moment we meet. Over time, they grow to trust completely our dedication to their well being and financial success. This long-lasting, intentional relationship provides the foundation for a customized and complete wealth plan that remains predictable and productive– as long as we are in it together.

As with the building of a strong tower, this kind of intentional design and outcome brings gratification that can impact generations to come.